How it works

  • step 1
    Your website displays a
    Car Hire Engine form

    User performs
    a search

  • step 2
    Results served from server

    User makes a

  • step 3 handles all
    payment details and allocates
    the commission to your account allows you to have a car hire comparison solution on your site with minimal effort.

We take care of all the technical aspects of creating and maintaining a car hire comparison engine so you can concentrate on driving traffic to your site.

Just copy and paste the Car Hire Engine form code into your site and start earning commission.

Example Search Forms

A few examples of the search forms that can be used on your site.

  • form 1
  • form 2
  • form 3
  • form 4
  • form 5
  • form 6

The content unit code is an iframe with many configuration options. We allow our affiliates to specify content unit width, fonts, colours, location defaults as well as including tracking codes for you to calculate an accurate ROI.

Creating your Content Unit

To create a content unit login to the Car Hire Engine control panel and click the 'CONTENT UNITS' tab.

Integrating a Content Unit into your site

Integration is a simple matter of copy and paste. Take the code from the 'CONTENT UNIT' section of the affiliate control panel and paste it into your site and you're ready to start earning commission.


Our reporting interface has been designed with affiliates in mind. A simple top level daily stats offers a quick insight into your performance. Additionally you have the ability to 'drill down' to see detailed statistics about locations, booking values, tracking codes and transaction times.


We pay on the 20th of every month for the previous months 'drop offs'. This means if a car rental booking is made that is to be dropped off at the depot on the 15th of May you would be paid the commission on the 15th of June.

Advanced solutions

We can offer bespoke solutions for affiliates who have existing car hire volume (around 20 bookings a month). Just contact us to discuss.

Multi currency

We provide quotes in GBP, USD and EUROs to further increase your conversion rate. Our Geo-IP detection ensures your visitors always receive their quotes in their preferred currency.