The Market Leading Car Hire Affiliate Programme

Over 25,000 locations in 175 countries worldwide

Due to our multi supplier solution, we have access to more locations than any other car hire affiliate program. As a result our location inventory includes smaller locations and countries that your current provider may not feature.

To increase your location coverage, conversion rate and revenue - sign up to Car Hire Engine now.

A secure booking environment offering multiple currencies

A secure booking page inspires customer confidence and increases your conversion rate. All our affiliates have an SSL solution enabled by default.

The Car Hire Engine encryption is through leading provider Thawte and provides peace of mind for the customer booking and matches any other security providers on the market.

Leading car hire companies with direct pricing and product

From car hire brokers to suppliers, we have established global partnerships offering direct rates and availability inclusive of their entire inventory worldwide.

Our relationships and technology offer you a true cost comparison environment with all the benefits this brings. From increased conversion to brand trust along with strong pricing built within a highly competitive environment.

Access to outstanding support and detailed reporting

We offer 24/7 support via email and access to the most advanced affiliate reporting system in the travel affiliate sector.

By combining our helpful support staff with top of the line 'drill down' reporting enables you to maximise revenue from your site.

One single secure monthly payment directly to your bank

At Car Hire Engine it is important to us that you receive a single payment on a specified date the month after the vehicle is dropped off. We consolidate the commission from the various car hire companies and send payment directly to your bank account on the 20th of the month or the closest bank working day there after.

Couple this with our in depth reporting and you can control your cash flow easily ensuring you know your financial position at any time.

Additional revenue streams to boost your income

Our platform comes complete with dynamically integrated daily refundable insurance offered to every customer. This valuable additional revenue stream pays you for every insurance day purchased with the extra income paid each month. The product is sold at a market leading daily price and is underwritten with excellent after sales care you don't have to worry about.

There are additional opportunities for you to cross sell your own products and services through the exit page post booking as well as the confirmation email.

Partner with leading car hire brands

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Testimonials from our affiliates

Since implementing CarHireEngine's solution on my site I have seen my bookings increase along with my commission payments! The reporting interface offers a level of detail far beyond any car rental affiliate program on the market.

KS, Car Hire Affiliate

Steps to start earning

  • Apply to Car Hire Engine
  • Easily upload the HTML search form to your site
  • Earn commission every time a booking is made
  • Apply Now

Custom Solutions

Offering our affiliates unrivalled technologies to maximise your revenues

  • Unrivalled layout, fonts and colour options.
  • Resizeable to fit any website
  • Deeplinking and location dropdowns for any landing page
  • Advanced solutions available for premium partners